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The Revisited.

Have you ever seen a film, disliked it for one reason or another, then saw it again sometime later and totally flipped your opinion? I know it’s happened to me on multiple occasions, which is why I’m always willing to see a film I disliked more than once. Two of the biggest examples of this for me were Memento & Blade Runner, and another I never saw coming.

Sometimes reasons for not liking a film are tangible; something was off with the story, the acting or direction and you can pinpoint right away what put you off. But occasionally the reasons are intangible and can result from subconscious feelings or moods that you may not be able to articulate for even yourself, let alone a friend you may have been with. It’s possible you walked into a theatre pissed off at the popcorn guy for skimping you on your butter or you got into a fight with a significant other. Maybe it took you a half hour to find a parking spot and angrily strolled into the theatre during the trailers and couldn’t find a good seat. Maybe you’re watching at home and you’ve got other distractions all around you pulling your focus away from the screen. There’s a million ways outside influences can spill over into an experience of seeing any film for the first time, and for this reason exactly, you should never be afraid to see anything twice.

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For all the readers out there, I’ve purchased my domain name and moved everything over to I’ll be writing there from now on and probably changing more in the future and bringing new aspects to the site. It’s hosted outside of WordPress, so I’ll be able to add more features and have much more control for customization than is allowed for free through WordPress. I’m trying to figure out a way to forward the domain to go straight to the new address even if you type in, so if anyone knows how to do this, I’d greatly appreciate the help. Thanks for reading.

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The Oscars Preview: Part 2 – My Picks

I waited to write this column until I saw A Serious Man, the last of the bigger Oscar nominees I had yet to see. Ummm yeah…I shouldn’t have bothered. I haven’t included every category because I feel I couldn’t appropriately address everything, and while I love original scores, the music wasn’t fresh in my mind for a lot of films and as such felt I couldn’t give an informed opinion. However, I would like to note that Abel Korzeniowski & Shigeru Umebayashi’s score for A Single Man is beautiful and everyone should check it out if they enjoy that kind of thing.

Anyway, here’s my selections for nominations, and again, picks for what I would personally choose as my best of the year in bold. And this includes my Top 10 of 2009. Have I egregiously left anything out? Let me know and fire back in the comments below.

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Quickfire reviews. (2.6.10)

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I’ve watched a bunch of different stuff the past couple weeks, and this edition of “Quickfire reviews” is long overdue and includes several Oscar nominees and 11 flicks in all. A new decision on my part: the order of reviews will begin with the bad and end on the good. I’ll save the best for last.

Big Fan. (Overall 2/10)

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The Oscars Preview: Part 1, Nominations

The Oscar nominations have arrived. In years past, I’ve been very bitter about certain snubs and certain inclusions. Last year, The Dark Knight and WALL-E were my biggest snubs for Best Picture and felt it was a complete failure on the Academy to have left them out. The system is very flawed, but that’s a much longer conversation. Last year was relevant though because it forced the hand of the Academy to expand the Best Picture nominees from 5 to 10 due to the exclusion of The Dark Knight. The last time we had more than 5 nominated films was 1943, when Casablanca took home the prize in a field of 10. Anyway, I have my reservations about what this means, but again, that’s a longer conversation. Here are the nominees and who I think will win in bold. I’ll offer up my nominations and what I think should win to follow in Part 2 next week in the major categories, as I can’t speak to some of what’s below because they are inaccessible (e.g. Live Action & Animated Short Films).

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Lifting the Curtain.

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When I was a little kid I used to think about how it was physically possible for a film to be made. I thought maybe it was shot in real time and that everything on screen was occurring simultaneously and filmed in one swift motion to create the complete motion picture. Crazy, yes, but I was a kid, and what did I know?

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