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Review: Zombieland.

I’ll keep this short and sweet, but take what I say with a grain of salt, because I must admit up front, I am not a fan of zombie films. Having said that, I actually was interested and excited to see Zombieland. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “You don’t like 28 Days Later?” My answer…no, not really. It’s a good movie, and I enjoyed most of it, but for whatever reason, zombies just aren’t my thing. However, as I said, I actually wanted to see Zombieland.

It’s got some great things going for it. The first 15 minutes are hysterical and a great setup for the story. I love the zombie rules, I love Columbus’ (Jesse Eisenberg) first zombie encounter flashback that’s practically an adolescent dream sequence straight out of Risky Business; beautiful girl comes for help from a zombie, he consoles her, she falls asleep cuddling with him, and when he wakes up she’s a zombie. It’s great.

But then, he starts driving. And he keeps driving. Then he gets picked up by Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson), and they are driving together. Then they get tricked by 2 sisters, who take their car and drive away. They find another car, and they start driving again. Then the sisters jump them again further down the highway, and they are now all driving together.

Is a pattern developing here? In a movie that runs 88 minutes, there’s probably more than half of that time spent driving and talking about life before zombies. I’m sorry, but it’s just flat out boring. Sure there’s an awesomely entertaining actor-playing-himself cameo in there, but once that ends, there’s just more driving. It’s just bad writing. I can’t ignore all that dead space.

The characters are fun, and it’s got some funny stuff going on, but it’s too predictable, and sometimes the absurdity of it all becomes an unintentionally absurd parody of itself. I seem to be alone here since the film has an 88% Fresh rating with 178 total reviews counted on Rotten Tomatoes (http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/zombieland/), but I don’t think it’s because I dislike zombies. I just think it was a boring film.

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