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A Spider-Man Reboot?


With the shocking news of Sony Pictures’ decision to drop director Sam Raimi and star Tobey Maguire from the future of the Spider-Man franchise and re-visit Peter Parker’s high school beginnings, it’s hard for anything to come to mind other than, “Umm…what?”

Comic books and superheroes have long been an escape from reality for young and old alike. From 1978-2000, only two were relevant in Hollywood: Superman & Batman. Both had spawned franchises, both lasted four installments, both initially had two great films, and both, in the end, had two shitty films. In 2000, the next big comic book franchise arrived in X-Men, directed by Bryan Singer (whose previous film was the modern classic The Usual Suspects). X-Men may have been the experiment to see if audiences were interested in comic book adaptations. After grossing $157 million domestically, X-Men proved the public, movie-going draw of superheroes. You may call X-Men the birth of the comic-book-to-screen adaptation frenzy, but the real catalyst was the release of Spider-Man two years later.

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  1. joycereview
    01.12.2010 at 11:27 am

    Hey brother! Good review as always. As a comic book adaptation lover (pretty much across the board) I have to begin by asking a question: you are talking about Superman 3 & 4?.. and not where Superman last ended, with Bryan Singer’s movie, right? Because I thought Singer did a wonderful job as HE always does.
    Meanwhile back at the ranch,… this Spiderman 4 ideal is tragic! With the countless comic books and script ideas flying their way, they don’t want to continue linearly? If I’m being honest, the discovering/learning process of your super powers is always entertaining… but there is so much to be done yet. And to not let Raimi and Maguire have their chance to redeem themselves after such a fall is painful. When Singer dropped out of X-Men 3 to do (his boyhood passion) Superman Returns, most of us knew X-Men 3 would fail… and it did. When Raimi tops the all-time charts, and you have a likable actor of Maguire’s caliber, why on Earth would you say, “We’ve decided to go another direction. Sorry.” Sony should be apologizing to us!

  2. 01.29.2010 at 7:53 am

    TECHNICALLY Raimi & Toby left. Also, Sony was wanting to reboot the franchise after 4 anyways (even as soon as a year later, since they were eyeing 2012/2013 to launch it). That said: BOO!! Seriously, I am RIGHT there with you on the reboot. Why do it? Why not just move forward. I think one of the reasons Batman Begins was ok (besides the original franchise NEEDING a reboot after Bat Nipples) was because there wasn’t an origin movie done. Also with Hulk, it wasn’t a remake. They didn’t make a sequel to Ang Lee’s suckfest, but they didn’t go back and do another origin either.
    I almost feel like they are being lazy. So what if it’s someone else as Spider-Man. It could still be fresh and pull a “The Incredible Hulk” by being a continuation of the superhero, not a continuation of the MOVIES.
    And as for Superman Returns…horrible. If there was one more Superman-as-God metaphor in there, I was going to burn the DVD (that wasn’t even MINE).

    • 01.29.2010 at 8:02 am

      I liked Superman Returns a lot actually. In regards to Spiderman reboot, I can sleep better at night knowing one thing, and one thing only: At least they didn’t pick Brett Ratner.

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