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I’ve been posting over on my tumblr site, For what is really a blog, this WordPress is too complicated and tumblr is much more contained and easy to maintain. It’s simple, straightforward and easy to manage. For now that’s where I’ll be writing. I’m also working on a much larger film site, hosted through WordPress, that will go live in (hopefully) under a month. Follow me at my Twitter or tumblr pages for updates on that, when they should arrive.

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For all the readers out there, I’ve purchased my domain name and moved everything over to I’ll be writing there from now on and probably changing more in the future and bringing new aspects to the site. It’s hosted outside of WordPress, so I’ll be able to add more features and have much more control for customization than is allowed for free through WordPress. I’m trying to figure out a way to forward the domain to go straight to the new address even if you type in, so if anyone knows how to do this, I’d greatly appreciate the help. Thanks for reading.

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